Web, Social Media & Content

Like any good marketing agency, we can help you develop an internet marketing strategy, a new website and all the online platforms you could wish. That’s a given, but what then?

You’ve created a new website or a new social media platform. It’s attractive, it’s well designed and you’ve made it really easy for prospective customers to use. That’s fantastic, but if your new site is going to gain prominence and stay competitive, you’re going to need to keep it updated with fresh and interesting content.

We can help with that too.

Forms of Content

In addition to regular news articles and announcements, we can help you to produce:

  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Informative feature articles
  • Technical product reviews
  • Online guides and white papers
  • Opinion pieces and interviews
  • Expert ‘voice of the industry’ commentary

Content Writing

Web content needs to do all the usual jobs. It needs to engage and inform potential customers; it needs to convey your unique selling points; and it needs to convert visitor interest into a genuine desire to work with you. But it needs to do more than that…

All the leading search engines offer advice on how to keep your site performing well, and they all emphasise the importance of publishing new, interesting and unique content. This can take many forms – articles, videos, podcasts, infographics and other materials – but the key requirement is that they capture people’s interest. The emphasis is on being of value to your visitors; giving them a reason to visit and to keep on coming back.

Content writing for websites is a little like journalism. Magazines, newspapers and blogs that offer the best content also tend to be the most popular, and the most highly ranked in search engine results. So the trick is to adopt the same principles. It’s not about taking every opportunity to make a sales pitch, it’s about providing good quality web content that’s genuinely useful to your visitors.

Social media and content marketing are very much part of the business mainstream, and few managers would doubt their value as marketing tools. However, for many small organisations it can be difficult to justify the expense of recruiting someone to run social media campaigns and, with staff time at a premium, online marketing sometimes gets neglected.

However, by outsourcing the role to a professional content writer, you can ensure the job is performed to a consistently high standard – and at a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house writer.

Content Writing Services – Find Out More

With over 30 years of marketing and journalistic experience, we provide blog and website content for an extensive range of clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors. We also work regularly with website design agencies and digital marketing agencies, all of whom use our services to give their clients the best possible exposure online.

If you’re looking for an experienced website content writer, please contact us today. Call 01772 866134.